ACCESS Case Study

Founded in Japan in 1979, ACCESS Co. Ltd. is a pioneering software developer for connected and mobile devices. In 2005, ACCESS acquired PalmSource, the software spinout of mobile device innovator Palm Computing, Inc. ACCESS merged the PalmSource patents with its own internally generated R&D, creating a portfolio of over 200 patents – many, foundational to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and services.

Despite a high quality, wireless patent portfolio, ACCESS was unsuccessful in monetizing its patents, and turned to Acacia Research Group for help. Working with ACCESS, Acacia identified a large number of widely used wireless/mobile patents, and initiated a comprehensive, multi-continent licensing program in 2010 which has generated over $150 million, and has had a significant return on investment for ACCESS and its 30+ years of research and development. Acacia has licensed most smartphone and mobile operating systems companies including Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung.

Because of the experience Acacia Research Group has, the relationship between ACCESS and Acacia proved to be valuable. ACCESS COO and EVP, Koichi Narasaki, notes, “Access Co. pleased to have its patents licensed to the world's major players. This could never have been achieved without the great specialties and diligent efforts of Acacia Research Group. We are grateful for Acacia's professionalism and their world-class technological and legal expertise. Being grateful to them, we are certain other technology companies of the world will find success working with Acacia as we did.”