Damodar Periwal and Software Tree – A Case Study

After years working at various high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, computer scientist Damodar Periwal founded “Software Tree.” Software Tree invented a novel system that seamlessly exchanges data and commands between relational databases and object-oriented programs.

As the Java™ programming language flourished, Software Tree and its products benefited. Despite spending his life savings developing, patenting, and marketing a unique software system, Mr. Periwal watched as larger companies imitated and profited from the unauthorized use of his patented inventions. Some “open source” companies gave it away for free.

Software Tree turned to Acacia Research Group LLC., working to develop a comprehensive licensing and monetization plan for the company’s infringed patents. Mr. Periwal and Software Tree worked with the management team of Acacia to identify the appropriate licensing strategy to enforce Software Tree’s patent rights. Ultimately, Software Tree successfully licensed their patents to a number of alleged infringers.