Dr. David Breed and Automotive Technologies International Case Study

Dr. David Breed, Chairman of Automotive Technologies International (ATI), and Acacia Research began collaborating on the monetization of his 300+ patent portfolio in February of 2012. Dr. Breed, a seminal U.S. inventor of automotive safety, diagnostics, and navigation technology, is an MIT and Columbia educated scientist and the recipient of the H.H. Bliss award as one of the inventors of the airbag. ATI and Dr. Breed have been on the forefront of innovation and invention of some of the most widely deployed automotive technology in the last 25 years. Dr. Breed’s patent portfolio ranks in the Top 50 and #1 in Research Intensity according to The Patent Board’s Automotive & Transportation Patent ScorecardTM for January 2012.

Dr. Breed undertook his own enforcement/monetization campaign against the automotive industry, but after over 7 years, he was unable to make effective licensing headway and turned to Acacia Research. After working with Dr. Breed and performing comprehensive analysis, Acacia identified over a dozen different technologies and potential licensing programs.

“We are excited to be working with Acacia to license ATI’s patents”, said Dr. Breed. “ATI spent years exploring various options for monetizing our innovations before turning to Acacia. Based on their technical depth and expertise in patent licensing, we believe Acacia is the ideal partner to unlock the value in our IP portfolio, which is the result of years of significant investment in R&D.”

Under Acacia’s management, including engineering analysis and litigation management, Acacia has launched a comprehensive licensing and monetization campaign, rewarding Dr. Breed with a long awaited return on investment for his 25+ years of innovation and invention.