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American Vehicular Sciences LLC

Portfolio Summary

The AVS portfolio contains over 300 patents from Automotive Technologies International (ATI) & Intelligent Technologies International (ITI) relating to numerous automotive safety, navigation and diagnostics technologies. The portfolio was ranked in the Top 50 and #1 in Research Intensity according to The Patent Board’s Automotive & Transportation Patent Scorecard™ for January of 2012. Dr. David Breed, Chairman of ATI and lead inventor of the portfolio, is recognized as a seminal U.S. Automotive innovator and the recipient of the H.H. Bliss award as one of the inventors of the airbag.

Key Assets

  US5845000   US7359782   US8032264
  US6331014   US7413048   US8036788
  US6738697   US7604080   US8041483
  US6746078   US7630802   US8060282
  US6772057   US7650210   US8157047
  US6823244   US7783403   US8229624
  US7082359   US7920102   US8235416
  US7126583   US8019501   US8630795
  US7202776   US8024084   US9043093

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