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Bonutti Skeletal Innovations LLC

Portfolio Summary

The Bonutti Skeletal Innovations LLC (BSI) portfolio comprises over 150 issued and pending patent applications in the orthopedic field covering, among other things, suture anchors, biologics, total knee replacements, total hip replacements, minimally invasive surgery, partial knee and hip replacement, spinal implants, and surgical instruments and methods of use.

Dr. Peter Bonutti, a leading orthopedic surgeon, is the developer and inventor or co-inventor on all of the patents in the BSI portfolio. Dr. Bonutti’s patents have been licensed to numerous major corporations, including, Hitachi, Biomet, Arthrocare, Stryker, Medtronic, Covidien and Synthes.

Key Assets

  US6099531   US8147514   US8486066   US6423063
  US7104996   US7806896   US8795363   US5718717
  US8147514   US5921986   US7959635   US7708740
  US7806896   US6638279   US8690944   US5980559
  US5921986   US6702821   US7837736   US7087073
  US6638279   US7001385   US8133229   US5527343
  US5814072   US7931690   US5782862   US7070557
  US7749229   US6500195   US7806897   US7828852

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