How we work

Our Philosophy

We believe in invention.
Acacia Research Corporation believes inventors and their patented inventions are the building blocks of the U.S. economy. Robust, innovative patents are an essential part of economic growth and job creation. They continuously enhance our quality of life. Strong patents and strong patent protection also represent our country’s key competitive advantage in the global marketplace. We believe inventors and patent owners should be empowered and fairly rewarded for the genius of their inventions, incentivizing and driving renewed innovation. We work towards this end, providing inventors and organizations with opportunities to unleash the untapped potential in patents.

Our Process

We fuel innovation.
Patents are a complex and technical subject. At Acacia, we merge our deep legal and technology expertise to continually uncover robust patent assets and bring needed proficiency to patent licensing. Our professionals actively seek to identify high-quality but undervalued patent portfolios in a variety of industries. Acacia is an intermediary in the patent marketplace partnering with patent owners to unlock the financial value in their patented inventions. Our partnership with patent owners is the cornerstone of our corporate strategy. We assume all responsibility for operational expenses and share net licensing revenue with our patent partners on a pre-arranged and negotiated basis. We also provide capital to the patent owner as an advance against future licensing revenue. Acacia bridges the gap between invention and application, facilitating efficiency and delivering monetary rewards to the patent owner.

Who We Serve

Rewarding the idea makers and the world changers.
Acacia Research partners with disenfranchised patent owners, including individual inventors, universities, and large multi-national corporations in the technology, medical technology, energy, and industrial industries. A disenfranchised patent owner is technology and patent rich but capital poor, having never received fair compensation for the unauthorized use of its patented inventions. Acacia strives to reward patent owners for their creative genius. Because of legislative and regulatory changes, patent licensing has become increasingly difficult and expensive for patent owners, resulting in a significant number of high-quality but financially under-performing patent assets. This necessitates an experienced, deep-pocketed licensing partner. Acacia focuses solely on the patent market, and has emerged as the leading independent patent licensing company in the secondary market.

Patent Partner Testimonials

Kurt A. Schroder, Ph.D., Inventor

“When I first started inventing, a family member, who was a very prominent inventor, told me that good inventions are always copied. Consequently, he said I needed two things to protect myself: IP protection and muscle behind it. I took care of the IP and was able to license the invention to a large company. At some point the company decided it could make a lot more money if it canceled the licensing deal and continued to manufacture the product. After that, their competitors copied them! I felt helpless until Acacia came in because I didn’t have the funds or the credibility to fight these large companies. Acacia really is the equalizer between the independent inventor and large companies who think they can leverage their size to take what they want for free.” “Now I can concentrate on what I do best: Innovation.”

The Inventive Team of TricklePower LLC

"As a small company with important inventions, we first tried a patent law firm that works on contingency to enforce our patent rights. Sadly these are limited to the resources they are willing to provide, which usually isn’t enough. Large infringers can and will make contingent legal teams yell “Uncle” almost as easily as they can the small inventor. We know: we’ve been there; we’ve done that….twice. Twelve years invested walking down the contingency path, 10,000 hours of devotion, the infringing pool growing to over 100 companies and not one nickel to show for the effort." "But there is a Big Brother that can and will provide BIG HELP to the small inventor. That company is Acacia. Acacia is willing to partner with small inventors like us and achieve the recognition and compensation our inventions deserve. Acacia found us, cooperatively contracted with us, and in five months had our first success with one of our big infringers that chose to roll over rather than fight. That was a refreshing and new experience for us." "Acacia is continuing to diligently and forcefully pursue the rights granted by our inventions and is working with multiple companies simultaneously to acquire licenses. The success that Acacia is having with our inventions can be traced to Acacia’s willingness to litigate the patent rights and stand by our inventions to the end of the process. Acacia can’t be pushed back, beaten down or run out of money. The Industry knows that and is infinitely more willing to deal with Acacia than it ever was with us. As was said in Star Wars applies equally to Acacia: You’re our only hope, Obie Wan Acacia! Keep up the good work and may the Congress be with you!" The Inventive Team of TricklePower LLC

Jerry Jackson, Ph.D., Inventor, Computer-Based Visual Data Evaluation Software

“I heartily recommend Acacia to others and applaud their contribution to encouraging innovation and keeping alive the opportunity for individual inventors to receive equitable returns on their intellectual property.” “I developed a software technology fifteen years ago and tried unsuccessfully for several years to license it to a dozen or so large software companies. I gave up hope of ever seeing a return on my investment of time and money after I learned of the costs required to pursue patent infringement on my own. I was thrilled to learn of Acacia and the services they provide to individual inventors. It has been a pleasure to work with their staff over the last two years and I have been extremely pleased with their success in generating royalties from my patent. Acacia truly levels the playing field.”

Wen Chang, Founder of Clarinet Systems, Inc.

“Acacia provides a great opportunity for inventors and patent holders to capture the value of their intellectual property in a cost efficient manner. Without Acacia, our patent, likes most of the other valuable inventions, gets no tangible return.” “I have very strong confidence that my intellectual property has great value since the day it was granted. I am further convinced by seeing similarity of the other patents and applications which have followed my invention. Busy with daily operation and limited resources, income from the patent was not in our picture until we partnered with Acacia. Acacia is very professional to deal with and I would highly recommend Acacia to other companies and inventors interested in monetizing their intellectual property! ”

Aurel Kleinerman, MD, PhD, CEO of MITEM Corporation

“Following significant research, we discovered a revolutionary approach to integrate legacy application software residing on remote computer systems. We were granted several patents. We believed MITEM Corporation could use these patents to protect our integration technology and our line of products against significantly larger players in the integration business.” “To our chagrin, as soon as we found ourselves in a competitive situation with these companies, we discovered that were able to quickly introduce identical technology and products after they learned about our technical solutions to such problems. At the beginning, we approached these competitors and offered to license our technology. The only time we got a response, after numerous attempts to even get an acknowledgment to our letters, was that they had no reason to talk to us.” “We looked for outside help from several legal entities. Given the size of the infringers, we found very little interest and we were told that even on a contingency basis, we were expected to spend very large sums of money, which our company could not afford. Our investors got discouraged, and funds needed to grow our company rapidly disappeared, given our inability to protect our intellectual property.” “Although we made several other significant discoveries, we gave up on even bothering to apply for patents. The patent system appeared to be irrelevant to small companies and inventors when faced against large companies with vast funds.” “Enter Acacia, with adequate funds, and their experienced technical and legal teams. We were able to finally accomplish what we could not do on our own: got a realistic method to defend our discoveries and patents.”

Dr Rohit c.l Sachdeva, Memory Medical Systems

“We are a team of two who specialize in the development of innovative applications in both the medical and dental fields using shape memory alloys.” “Over the past decade we were aware of a number of large health care companies infringing upon our patents. Over the course of several meetings with these companies and at considerable out of pocket expenses to us we realized that we were being stonewalled with empty promises . We were at a quandary as to what to do next? Stop and give up or find suitable partners to support us in our efforts to bring justice !” “We met with several litigation firms. Infact the who's who but could not generate interest amongst them because they believed that they had a conflict of interest in representing us.” “Then through sheer serendipity , we were introduced to Acacia by a mutual acquaintance Acacia impressed us right from day one as we discussed a way forward for them to represent us in defending our patents. They are true professionals and they worked with us as partners with a common cause. They sought the best not only within their group but externally as well , to represent us . But more importantly , they gave us a voice in all strategic decisions. Additionally, they were very responsible fiscally ... Every penny counts to small guys like us ! Acacia is a wonderful partner to have on your side and I enthusiastically endorse them!”

Steve Greene, Inventor Partner, Interactive Data Collection LLC

“The resources and effort Acacia has put forward towards understanding our IP and its value within our industry has been truly outstanding. From senior partner involvement to the one-to-one strategizing with our assigned legal team, we have truly been impressed by the intensity and attention that Acacia has brought to the table.”

President, MedicalMap-EMR, LLC

“I am thankful to Acacia for accepting my portfolio, which immediately produced significant revenue upon acceptance. I am sure this is just the beginning. There is only one company in existence that has knowledge and willingness to do complex due-diligence analysis and obtain the best value for the portfolio without any cost to inventors. Acacia is the only company you need to review your patent portfolio. They have impeccable integrity, exceptional know-how and a professional staff not found anywhere else.”

Gary Kellstrom, Jr., Inventor, Founder & President of Innovative Dynamics Corp.

“I chose to assign my patents to Acacia because of their strong track record of success and their compassionate professionalism. I have since received substantial royalty payments as a result of licensing agreements with major multinational corporations. ” “Prior to engaging with Acacia, I operated a successful business deriving revenue from early adopters. As we gained market share, we were approached by larger solution vendors and entered into an agreement to integrate with their systems. After developing a working knowledge our technology, they cancelled our agreement. We were totally invested in our product with no reserve to persevere a costly lawsuit. When my attorney referred me to Acacia, they conducted a series of thorough due diligence reviews with some very knowledgeable experts – the first of many vindicating moments.” “Beyond the direct equitable relationship with Acacia, there is an intangible benefit that Acacia delivers for me, and ultimately for the public. Acacia puts money in the hands of the people most likely to create new breakthrough inventions – the proven independent inventor. While our elected representatives dabble in “reforming” the US Patent System to the satisfaction of big business and multinationals, Acacia is making a real and positive impact on the future of innovation.”

Mike Hurton, ECRM

“My experience with Acacia has been very positive and the end result was a substantial royalty payment. The knowledge, expertise, resources and reputation of Acacia allowed us to achieve our desired result. I found the staff at Acacia was not only professional and knowledgeable but they also have a high level of integrity. We simply would not have succeeded without Acacia.”

Dr Gerry Ronan, CEO, Farfield Group Ltd

“A return from our IP by approaching those already in the market was highly unproductive. Acacia on the other hand has created a fantastic opportunity to realize value. They have been extremely professional and highly structured in their approach and have been a pleasure to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone and will look forward to working closely with them in years to come.”

Howard Leslie Hoffenberg, Manager of CLTB, LLC. (Los Angeles, CA)

“The professionals at Acacia Research performed due diligence that inspired our confidence to assign our patent rights to Acacia Research. A team of engineers, licensing specialists and legal professionals took a hard look at our patent. They asked tough questions and scrutinized our answers. This put meaning into the word “diligence” by being “diligent” in scheduling a series of multi-participant teleconferences to carry out Acacia’s due diligence. Again, this type of professionalism left us with the feeling that Acacia Research was the right group to license our patents.”

David Biessener, CEO of Voom Technologies, Inc.

“Acacia has impressed me from the outset as a thorough, equitable, ethical and helpful business partner. They undertook considerable due diligence at each step from introductions, to researching my patents and potential infringing products, to filing the first complaint. Acacia’s commitment and effort confirms my confidence that my patents are strong and that the alleged infringement is substantial. Exercising one’s patent rights can be an expensive, complex, and exhausting undertaking. It is actually quite invigorating to have a successful partner that is utilizing their expertise and resources to assertively defend Voom’s patent rights.”

C Squared Communications LLC

“Article I Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution sets forth patent enforcement as a bedrock of scientific innovation. Unfortunately, as has been with the the corruptive relegation of the Federal Government to a wholly owned subsidiary of major financial institutions, innovators for the most part are hopelessly mismatched in enforcing their Constitutionally protected patent rights. Acacia is a legitimate bulwark against intellectual property predation by corporate monoliths and ofttimes the only advocate available to inventors.”

iThink, LLC

“We are very impressed with Acacia’s performance to date. Acacia continues to meet or exceed all of our expectations regarding the enforcement and licensing of iThink, LLC’s patents. We could not have chosen a better company, or law firm, to monetize our patents.”

Carlos Armando Amado, Inventor

“I want to tell you about my impressions of working with Acacia Research. I live and work in Guatemala. Since I graduated from Stanford University, I designed a number of ideas that I hoped could help those in need in my country and elsewhere. It was at that time that I wrote my patent applications. ” “I later spent years trying to develop and market software based on my patents but found no large software companies willing to work with me. I won one case but couldn't find how to follow-up. It was at that time that I met with Acacia Research. Ever since I signed, I have found that everyone I have worked with at Acacia has also worked with the highest degree of professionalism and understanding. I have been informed at all times on how the case is proceeding and I have been consulted on all important decisions.” “I am confident that Acacia Research is doing its best to obtain fair and beneficial results from my patents.”

T.R. Whitney, Inventor/Owner

“The inventor, whether he comes from a small or a large environment, has the total burden of enforcing his patent against infringement. This task is far too expensive for the small inventor with limited resources. While the small inventor may strongly suspect his patent is being infringed, he is stymied by the financial commitment necessary to challenge the big guy. He has no way forward.” “Acacia offers a practical way forward out of this situation. They offer both financial muscle and patent litigation expertise. Relative size and resources are thus removed from the equation and a resolution can be reached that is the product of honest negotiation between the parties. Confronting a larger organization, whether a company or the government, suddenly becomes a possibility. Acacia fills a real need, they fill it well, and their success proves the point. ”

David Aviv, Inventor

“The individual inventor, without an Acacia Research Group, would have ZERO recourse against large corporations who infringe on their patents. Individual inventors often put their life savings into developing their unique invention. Without a company like Acacia Research Group to protect individual inventors, the smaller, individual inventor has the potential for ceasing to exist in this country.” “Acacia is the only one with a proven track record that actually knows how to deliver. They never forget that the inventor comes first.”

Worth T. Probst, CEO of IPC

“IPC developed and attempted to sell software that captures remote diagnostic information from multifunction printers ( meter reads, toner consumption). We also had patents covering this technology. Our prospects were the major OEMs who sell these products to the end user. We were unable to compete with these very large companies because they eventually developed their own software.” “I contacted Acacia and they launched a licensing program which has been extremely successful. It allowed a small company who had invested substantial dollars in software development to recoup a very good return on this investment. The plan was 100% succesfull!!”

Peter Norton, Inventor

“Over the years I made several inventions that became the standards in their fields. Some were not patented. No one was interested in licensing others. Happily, Acacia is making efforts to license one of my inventions to an automobile company that has practiced it for several years and not given me compensation.” “I believe Acacia is an asset to America that might help to bring about significant changes. For many years I have known how to make an average size car get 100 miles per gallon and, for about two years, how to make a better battery for electric cars. Acacia is one of the factors encouraging me and, presumably others like me, to revisit these efforts. ”

Damodar Periwal, Inventor

“It is ironic that some large corporations would go great lengths to develop, acquire, protect, monetize, and enforce their own intellectual property but ignore or marginalize the intellectual property of small companies. I am the founder and owner of such a small company and we experienced such marginalization from at least one large corporation. That is why we partnered with Acacia.” “Working with Acacia has been a great pleasure. They have provided us with enough resources to build a strategy for protecting our intellectual property. We have been able to take protective actions which would not have been possible without Acacia's help.”

Jorge J. Inga MD, Inventor and Thomas Saliga, Inventor

“Based on our own experience, we can accurately say that it is extremely difficult for individual inventors like ourselves, to license their patented technology. Trying to find qualified assistance with a full understanding of the intricacies and potential of new technology is not an easy task to say the least. We are very happy to have come in contact with Acacia who from day one worked very hard in our behalf licensing our patents.This company with their technical and legal resources plays an invaluable role for the fair valuation of new contributions in the intellectual property market place. We don't have any doubt , that without them, many inventors would be left with no other choice than to surrender their rights.” “ When Acacia acquired our patents, what they really did, was to form a partnership with an equitable distribution of the licensing proceeds. They continue to work successfully on our behalf, we enthusiastically support their efforts and recommend them highly to any inventor who may have difficulty licensing his patents.”

Ross Elgart, Inventor and CEO of StoreLaw, Inc.

“For a small company the process of filing and obtaining a patent is a daunting task that requires a lot sacrifice and financial resources. There is nothing more frustrating then taking on that task to find out that protecting your ultimate rights is virtually impossible due to a lack of both a financial resources and legal expertise. Acacia Research Group has proven to be an invaluable partner to us. Their services represent an important part of what I consider to be the core purpose of patent law - to encourage invention. Without the ability to protect an invention the drive to invent is diminished. It is my opinion that Acacia Research Group plays an important role of keeping the entrepreneurial inventor spirit alive and thriving.”

Dr. Stephen Murrell, Chairman and Dr. Henry Hamman, CEO and President of Sociocybernetics, Inc.

“In a business environment in which large corporations use ruthless methods to monopolize intellectual property, Acacia’s support gives our small research-driven company a fighting chance to enforce our patent. ”

Dale Hiatt, Inventor and President of Table Rock Technologies

“The competitiveness of the United States is very dependent upon the ability of individual inventors to realize a return on their efforts, hard work and investments required to receive a patent and then to actually obtain and agreement with companies utilizing the patented technologies. I searched long and hard to find a proven partner, Acacia that was very effective in identifying licensing candidates and then negotiated agreements. Acacia provides much needed capabilities for individual and corporate inventors to keep the competitive engines of the United States strong and healthy.”

Allen Ashkenazi, President of MobileVue, Inc.

“Acacia was able to help MobileVue get funding through licensing fees at a critical time in our development. They thoroughly assessed our technology patent and successfully represented MobileVue's patent to two giants in our field. Their knowledge of the patent licensing process was invaluable. Based on my positive opinion of their professionalism, I have since referred them to several other companies.”

Daniel Wexler, Inventor

“From my first introduction to Acacia I have been impressed with their professionalism and thoroughness. Acacia quickly demonstrated a firm understanding of the technical aspects of my patent and its applications. But more than that Acacia levels the playing field, it enables small inventors like myself to be taken seriously by potential licensees.”

Warren P. Williamson IV, Inventor

“Without Acacia to partner with us we would certainly have given up and been outlasted and out-moneyed by our infringers. We now will have at least a chance of having the case heard and hopefully a jury decide who is right in this matter. I tried for almost 10 years to obtain negotiated licenses and at every opportunity was rebuffed. ”

Maynard Small, Inventor and President of Creative Marketing Associates, Inc.

“Acacia is a valued partner for independent inventors who want the financial resources and legal expertise necessary to license their intellectual properties. Acacia's experienced management team and professional track record made them an easy choice. I look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship.”

Saqib Jang, Inventor, Founder of Margalla Communications, Inc.

“I am the owner of a small company that, over the years, has spent considerable intellectual and financial resources to conceive and develop a new and patented technology for business-grade videoconferencing using Internet Protocol (IP) networks. However, as a small company with limited resources, we could not launch an effective licensing program for our patent portfolio on our own.” “We believe that by imposing enormous financial burdens on inventors who wish to promote and protect their inventions, the American legal system is skewed in favor of large corporations and against small businesses. The existence of Acacia is critical to individuals and small businesses focused on innovation that are vital for America's continued leadership in intellectual property. We deeply resent the pejorative designation of Acacia as a "patent troll". We believe that Acacia serves an important role in helping small businesses and independent inventors protect their developments by promoting and protecting their inventions. Without firms such as Acacia helping inventors get fair compensation for their work, the efforts of inventors would end and inventors would be unable to continue the process of refining concepts and ideas.”

Bill Duncan, Managing Director, Fast 101 Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

“Acacia plays a critical role in helping to protect and license the intellectual property of small inventors. As an Australian and US patent holder in the financial services area our company has experienced first-hand the total disregard large companies and banks, both in Australia and the US, have for the rights of small companies. Without the assistance of a dedicated and recognized licensing company such innovation would be futile.” “Prior to signing an agreement with Acacia I had numerous conference calls with some of the other major US patent licensing/litigation companies who were keen to work with us. Acacia stood out to me as being primarily a licensing company that used litigation to enforce its position as necessary, whereas the primary focus of the others appeared to be on litigation. A fine line but I believe commercially significant.” “I have found the people at Acacia to be very professional to deal with and their agreement to be fair and equitable. I would recommend Acacia without hesitation.”

Lee Browne, Co-inventor of Digital Media Transmission

“Acacia provides a partnership opportunity for inventors and patent holders to capture the value of their intellectual property in a time and cost efficient manner. The excellence and diligence of their professionals, coupled with the fairness of their fees, makes Acacia’s services an intelligent way to monetize inventions.”

Ben Howerton, Inventor and co-founder, Creative Internet Concepts, LLC

“Based on my experiences, the “little guy” stands virtually no chance of protecting a patented invention when it’s being infringed upon by large companies. After years of having NDA’s and negotiation attempts blatantly ignored by large patent infringers, Acacia was able to help us level the playing field and garner enough respect from larger organizations to bring us to legitimate negotiations. And ultimately, Acacia was able to help us successfully license our patent. It’s unfortunate that the small inventor is so often bullied like this, but Acacia has the power and respect to help.”

Jim Kargman, Inventor and CEO of IPDEV, National Systems

“Innovation drives the economy, and innovation is driven by financial reward. Acacia Research helps inventors achieve their goals through patent licensing that creates new markets, companies and payrolls. Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, and Alexander Graham Bell, invented the future - our present - with the help of attorneys and the U.S. Patent Office. Millions of patented inventions, and the companies they spawned, big and small, enrich and extend our lives today, made possible by patents - the time limited opportunity to exclusively commercialize an invention. I chose Acacia for representation because they understand the challenges facing individual inventors, as demonstrated by their achievements, and because their management team includes accomplished inventors as well as attorneys.”

Ned Garvey, Inventor and Don Onorati, Inventor

“We interviewed several patent practitioners to help us license our patent portfolio. We were referred to Acacia, and after a number of conversations with their professionals, the choice was obvious. We selected Acacia to assist us in protecting our intellectual property due to their depth of knowledge in engineering, the substantive patent law, and their willingness to put forth 100% effort in working towards our common goal. Due to our small size and the large financial burden required to challenge larger, sometimes publicly traded companies, we could not have defended our intellectual property without the help of Acacia. The services that Acacia provides are vital for any ensuring that small companies or solo inventors are not taken advantage of by infringers with deep pockets who typically ignore the rights of those with unparalleled financial resources.”

Al Cardillo, Inventor and Owner, Prodesign Technology, Inc.

“Acacia has helped us to be taken seriously by the large corporations we believe are infringing on our patented technology. Prior to working with Acacia, we had contacted some of these corporations and were, for lack of a better term, blown-off as being a “nobody.” We even had one executive tell us that because we are such a small business we stand no chance of getting a company in the auto industry to even listen to us. His exact words were, “You don’t understand how it works.” Companies like Acacia are necessary to help protect the intellectual property invented and owned by small businesses.”

Irfan Ali, President & CEO, Lambda OpticalSystems

“I have been working with Acacia Research Group for the last few years. In all my interactions with Acacia, I have been impressed by the technical competence and professionalism of the team. Acacia clearly understands the value of technology and the intellectual property (IP) creation/protection process and is dedicated to the task of ensuring that appropriate value is realized by those who create good IP. This is clearly the driving incentive for successful entrepreneurs, and a desire that keeps the United States at the cutting edge of technology. I have enjoyed working with Acacia and look forward to our continued collaboration in the future.”

Christopher Wiggins, Inventor

“The USPTO mission is to ensure that the intellectual property system contributes to a strong global economy, encourages investment in innovation, and fosters entrepreneurial spirit. Some of the most innovative entrepreneurs are individuals. However, without an ally with experience and integrity, individual inventors have no chance of protecting their inventions. Innovation is what made this country great. Protection of this innovation and it’s intellectual property will help maintain our competitive advantage in the global economy. I am grateful for the support of Acacia in protecting the patents of the individual inventor.”

Paul Snypp, Newscolor LLC

“A patent can be said to be both a reward and an incentive for commitment to innovation, as well as diligent use of the legal process to obtain the patent. In theory, patents allow small companies, like mine, to remain competitive and innovative in markets dominated by big companies. Without an ability to effectively license a patent or gain access to the court system for enforcement, however, a patent’s usefulness will remain theoretical. Acacia should be applauded for helping to ensure that valuable patents can remain valuable in the hands of small companies. I believe reassuring those principles to inventors will help spur innovation”

David Dion, CTO of The Brick Computer Company

“Working with Acacia has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. They developed and implemented an enforcement and licensing campaign for our patent that yielded excellent results. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other patent holders seeing to generate royalties from their patent rights.”

Larry Miller, Inventor

“I was introduced to Acacia by my patent attorney after our numerous, earnest attempts to reach an infringement settlement were blatantly (I might say arrogantly) ignored by 3 large technology companies. From the start, Acacia has been integrity-centered, consistent in their communication and thoroughly professional. Inventors need companies like Acacia to help them realize the value of their inventions. Without them, innovation would be stifled. Based on their integrity and professionalism I plan to use Acacia to help me with my future inventions. Without them, independent inventors are at a definite disadvantage in the marketplace.”

David Felger, Inventor and President of Fraud Control Corp.

“Even with the assistance of two major law firms we were unable to license our patented technology. When Acacia entered the picture everything seemed to change overnight. Companies that refused to talk to us in the past were now signing license agreements. Acacia performs a valuable service to patent owners. They are fair, professional and competent.”

Robert Tudhope

“We are a small business and have been successful in innovation and creation of intellectual property. Many of our larger brethren look at us as inconsequential.., you can almost hear “if it wasn’t invented at their firm it must not be any good”, although it would appear to be “good enough” since many are using our IP in the course of their business. After many years of being ignored we recently brought our problem to Acacia. Because of Acacia’s clout and licensing expertise, we expect to get some long deserved recognition and license the very same brethren who have ignored us. We enjoy working with Acacia's professionals and thank Acacia for providing a valuable service.”

Marshall Dobry, Co-Inventor of RFID Security and Reorder System

“Our patent is of a scale that the inventors cannot effectively represent it in the market alone. There is concern that larger, more well-financed companies may take advantage of our invention if the patent laws are compromised to provide less protection for the rights of patent holders. The services of Acacia Research Group, in representing the interests of patent holders in emerging technologies and defending the historical rights of inventors is very important to the creative spirit and progress in America.”

Thomas P. Ivanyi, Inventor and CEO of iTvTrax LLC

“Acumen, insight, expertise and integrity are words that come to mind when describing Acacia and its efforts on behalf of iTvTrax and its breakthrough audience measurement patent. Acacia is a true partner leveraging its technology awareness and industry recognition as a formidable and fair champion for and on behalf of patent owners. Acacia has the dedicated talent and resources to navigate the licensing process which is paramount for licensing patented technology.” “Acacia quickly demonstrated an acute understanding of the technical aspects of our patent as well as the best approach in harvesting the full value of the technology. I selected Acacia for its acute understanding of our patent as well as challenges to protect the IP. We know that Acacia stands behind our technology -- a commitment that speaks volumes particularly in the complex atmosphere surrounding intellectual property and patent enforcement.”

Wayne Lin, Inventor and CEO of PricePlay, Inc

“As an entrepreneur and inventor, I always know that new and useful technologies can make a start -up business strive. However, if the law does not protect patented invention to the extent that makes the patent valuable or if the law makes it harder to enforce a quality patent, I would rather copy (steal) other people or companies’ successful invention, whether it is patented or not, to start my own business. In this case, it is not logical to devote significant resources for research and development, less filing for patent protection. More over, even the law as it is today, I was not able to get a response from many, if not all, of the accused infringers when I asked them to take a license or stop using my patented technology. The existence of companies such as Acacia is critical to an inventor like me and to a small business like PricePlay. Acacia was able to obtain three licenses for my company from major industry players in a very short time and more licensing negotiation is going on.”

Michael Branigin, Inventor

“As an inventor who drafted and prosecuted my patent application and all claims without the aid of an attorney or patent agent, my inclination in patent enforcement would be to do-it-myself; but for patents like mine, in the microprocessor area, the resources needed to achieve enforcement are far beyond the normal individual’s. Acacia and the associated team of lawyers, experts, etc. have done a commendable job of seeking enforcement and they have been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.”

Dr. William Rassman, Inventor

“The value of patent protection in an innovative technology is only as good as one's ability to enforce the patent through the established legal venue. The costs of such a process is often prohibitive for the individual entrepreneur and companies like Acacia enables the ‘small guy’ to enforce their patented innovations. Acacia has successfully enforced one of my patents. Knowing that such a service is available, I personally funded a biotechnology venture which applied for over two dozen patents, eleven of which have been granted to date. Although I have not needed Acacia for these biotechnology activities as of yet, the shear existence of Acacia has given me the comfort to invest heavily in this new venture knowing that if I identify infringers of the IP and can not reasonably negotiate an appropriate license, Acacia is a resource available to me and my biotechnology company.”

Shelley Harrison, Inventor

“Imposing massive financial burdens on inventors who wish to protect their inventions, the American legal system is skewed in favor of large corporations and against small businesses. Yet nothing is more clear in the Internet Age than that small inventors are more nimble, adaptable and fleet-of-foot than corporate behemoths.” “Acacia levels the playing field and offers small inventors a fighting chance where there once was none. By empowering individual innovators, the Acacia business model represents, in my view, the single most promising engine for restarting American innovation and IP-related economic growth.”

Michael Picciallo, Inventor and CEO of Third Act, LLC

“In many areas of technology the deck is stacked against independent inventors such as myself. For a large corporation, taking our inventions for little or nothing in return is as easy as taking candy form a baby. We are completely powerless to convince large corporations, in my case financial institutions, to adopt our inventions and compensate us fairly. To say the assistance I received by teaming with Acacia was invaluable is an understatement. I could not commercialize my invention alone, but the financial institutions I needed to partner with largely ignored me when I approached them with my invention. They were able to adopt my invention without me, and ignore my protests, because they knew I lacked the resources to take them to court and stop them. Acacia levels the playing field for individual inventors like me. Thanks to Acacia, large corporations are no longer able to use their overwhelming size advantage as leverage to avoid paying independent entrepreneurs the true value of their contributions to the marketplace of ideas.”

Brian Freyburger, Inventor

“Partnering with Acacia has helped me tremendously in receiving the maximum value from my patent. I spent years trying to enforce my patent myself using expensive lawyers and letter writing campaigns – all to no avail. Working with Acacia, I quickly realized that because of their extensive experience and well-qualified staff, they were able to most easily understand the technology and value of my patent. This better equipped them to identify infringing markets which were significantly more valuable than those I identified. Furthermore, they provided me immediate access to top lawyers which I was unable to identify on my own. They also covered my upfront costs and were able to finance a full lawsuit - something I could never have done on my own.”

Michael Steffano, Partner of Digital Property Management Group

“We were introduced to Acacia by an inventor who had worked with them and been impressed by their professionalism and ethics. I’m happy to say our own experience mirrored his, and that once Acacia became involved, we were finally able to license our background replacement video technology. Given our success, we had no reticence engaging them to represent us in other IP deals. As a small partnership with few resources, we have no doubt that Acacia’s reputation and willingness to put their money where their mouth is, evened out the playing field for us.”

Rob Friedman, CEO of Open Security Solutions, LLC

“OSS is a technology innovation company with a portfolio of patents relating generally to information security. After unsuccessfully trying to license our portfolio to various large and small technology companies, we chose Acacia as our partner. As a small company with limited funding, partnering with Acacia and leveraging their financial resources, contacts, and deep experience has proved to be a terrific decision. Acacia was able to create a revenue stream that provides OSS with a good return on its significant investments of time and money that we used to create our patented inventions.”

Al Baldocchi, Co-Inventor & David Minter Co-Inventor

“We looked at many options before selecting Acacia to assist us with licensing of our patent, and have been very pleased with our choice. Acacia has been responsive to all our concerns as patent holders, and offers so much more than the law firms we considered. Acacia did extensive due diligence on the validity of our patent, identifying infringing parties, constructing claim charts and engaging a highly qualified litigation firm. Acacia brings experience and expertise that adds significant value to the licensing process.”

Robert A. Chapman, CEO of Compaxion Technologies LLC

“We are a small company that, over the years, expended considerable intellectual resources to conceive, develop and bring to the marketplace a new and patented technology. That technology is a superior methodology for performing data compression/compaction. This effort left us short of capital and at the mercy of deep-pocket companies that believed they could usurp our invention with impunity. Had it not been for Acacia, they might have succeeded. Fortunately for us, Acacia was willing to risk its own capital and legal expertise to assist us in defending that valuable and hard-won asset.”

Paul Yurt, Co-Inventor of Digital Media Transmission Technology

“Patents exist because our founding fathers appreciated knowledge and ideas. Inventors are idea people, developing, refining and solidifying through the inventive process, bringing the un-manifest into existence. Without compensation for their work, the efforts of inventors would end and inventors would be unable to continue the process of refining concepts and ideas. Acacia serves an important role in helping independent inventors protect their development by promoting and protecting their inventions.”

Van Tran, President of Veritec Inc. and Owner of Multi-Dimensional Bar Code Technology

“We are the inventor of the basic two dimensional data matrix code, which is widely used in many industries. However, as a small company with limited resources, we had long been ignored by unwilling prospective licensees and could not launch an effective licensing program on our own. Thanks to Acacia, our patents have been licensed to major companies and have produced significant results. We are grateful for what they have done for us and look forward to continuing our rewarding relationship.”

Charlie Osenbaugh, President of Timeline, Inc.

“Timeline's initial efforts to license its 6 U.S. and 13 foreign patents were fruitful. However, within 6 weeks of voluntarily acquiring a license, the licensee filed suit asking a court to throw out any meaningful restrictions on sublicensing. Over the next 8 years, Timeline endured a variety of legal challenges in 4 different courts. The strategy was to break Timeline's back financially. And it worked. After expending over $3,500,000 in costs and thousands of hours of employee time, Timeline finally granted an extended license for far less than the true value of the patents.” “This experience led Timeline to Acacia. Small inventors cannot, in today's environment, defend critical property rights without the backing of significant resources and expertise. Acacia is providing Timeline a great service in continuing its efforts to license the patents. While there can no longer be any legitimate question of the validity of Timeline's rights (after so many court rulings), it would be impractical to even approach potential licensees without the backing of an entity that has the resources and talent to withstand what has, unfortunately, become the fairly routine approach some large infringers now pursue.”

Eliot Gerber, Inventor and Patent Attorney

“As an inventor and patent attorney with over 55 years experience, I recognize that Acacia performs a vital function in enforcing the patents of individual inventors and small companies. When I became a patent attorney in 1953, patent litigation costs were much lower. It now may cost $3 to $6 million to pursue a patent case through appeal. That cost makes such litigation almost impossible for the inventor and small businessperson.” “For many years, I was counsel to many Fortune 500 companies. They recognized that inventors and small companies could not afford to bring suit to enforce their patents, and so they did not respect their patents.” “I am presently developing a low cost battery to replace expensive Li-Ton batteries in hybrid and electric cars. If our battery is successful and the patents issue, we would have no feasible way to protect our investment and patents except through Acacia. Acacia is currently licensing my 1997 patent on an airport security system and has had some initial success.”

Professor Robert W. Bower, Inventor of the Self-Aligned Gate MOSFET

“Acacia has been licensing my patents now for several years, and I am very pleased with the way they do business with me. As an individual inventor I have always been treated in a fair and honest manner by them. In general it is difficult for individual inventors such as myself to protect myself in a world of large companies who have vast resources at their disposal to avoid fair treatment of my patents. My partnership with Acacia gives me the tools I need to be able to deal with these large companies and receive fair treatment for my patents.”

Keen Yee, Inventor of Interactive TV Technology

“I am thoroughly impressed with Acacia’s professional staff and am extremely pleased with the results of their licensing/enforcement effort. Prior to Acacia’s involvement, I had long been blatantly ignored by large prospective licensees who simply did not want to pay royalties. Thank you, Acacia, for looking out for my interest as an individual inventor.”

Ted Goodlander, CEO of Storage Computer Corp.

“This testimonial is to document the time and excellent hard work that Acacia Research has invested in protecting the Intellectual Property of Storage Computer Corporation (SCC).” “SCC is a small high-tech company that was the first to invent and patent parity protected disk arrays and serial sector data transfers over the Internet protocol (IP networks). In 2000 we attempted to enforce our patent rights by ourselves, by 2004 we were beaten into the ground by large companies we litigated. We had spent millions and had no way to raise more cash. We shut down operations in April 2005.” “I have experienced first hand the hard ball tactics used by large companies to fight smaller companies. I know that small companies and individuals have little hope of protecting themselves from large companies that infringe their patents at will.” “Companies like Acacia Research are crucial to leveling the playing field, providing small companies and individuals the opportunity to license and protect their patents and Intellectual Property.” “Acacia Research has demonstrated the integrity, fairness, and success that should be applauded by everyone in the Intellectual Property community.”

George Best, President, 4SameDay Solutions, Ltd.

“From our very first introduction to Acacia, we have been impressed with Acacia’s professionalism and their ability to establish the framework necessary to license our company’s patents. Acacia has guided us through the process of licensing our technology to major corporations. Acacia’s expertise, insight and utmost professionalism have been instrumental in getting our patented technology licensed to major companies and we are very pleased with the results.”

Koichi Narasaki, Chief Operating Officer and EVP, ACCESS Co.,Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

“Access Co. Ltd., as an embedded software vendor and the holder of patents related to technologies and functions of smartphones, is pleased to have its patents licensed to the world's major players including Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, to name a few. This accomplishment could never have been made without the great partnership with and extremely diligent efforts of ACACIA Research Group. We are grateful to ACACIA's highly esteemed professionalism and the world class technological and legal capacities to complete this business so rapidly. Being grateful to them, we are certain other technology companies of the world will also find ACACIA's such capabilities as successful as we did.”

Dr. Hark Chan, Inventor of Portable Storage Devices with Links Technology

“Acacia has been licensing my patents now for several years, and I am very pleased with the results. They have exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Acacia to any patent holder seeking to monetize their patents.”

Thanks, Brenda

“My late husband, Dr. Valentine Rhodes, was a vascular surgeon who dedicated his life to helping those in need. In order to provide the best care possible, he designed medical technologies that would improve surgical results. Sometime after he passed away, I saw in a magazine an article about a product that appeared similar to one of his inventions. When I spoke with our patent attorney, I was discouraged from exploring further. I was fortunate to meet Acacia, who took an interest in my husband’s work. They reviewed his patents, explained the process to me, and agreed to partner with me. They have already made significant progress in helping attain the appropriate recognition for his work."

Bob Miniutti, Chairman of Vision Dynamic

"Many small business owners spend tidy sums generating a patent portfolio. Unfortunately, the strength of that portfolio is in your ability to mount a strong defense. When we felt a large corporation with tremendous resources might be infringing our IP, a direct confrontation would have been exceedingly expensive and likely provoked counter suits. Acacia was a perfect solution for us. They brought experience and "teeth" to the table. Acacia's technical expertise, licensing capability and management were exceptional. We are pleased with the outcome and will definitely use them again in the future if necessary."

Hiro Seki, General Manager, Intellectual Property Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation

"Patent owners have many options to consider when it comes to obtaining value from their R&D investments. When it comes to large and complex patent portfolios, however, the choices are much more limited. Acacia's technical expertise, licensing capability and management are exceptional. The entire service package that Acacia has to offer provides significant benefits to the businesses of Renesas and its customers. We are pleased with the results from the strategic alliance that we established with Acacia."

Paul Ware, Inventor of Credit Card Protection Technology

“Thanks to Acacia I have received substantial royalty payments for my invention. For 15 years I had tried, without any success, to license my technology to many companies which use it to protect their customers’credit transactions. I had no credibility as an individual licensor and did not make any progress. In just about two years, they have licensed over 100 companies, including some of the largest and best known retailers. They have earned my greatest respect and continue to work on my behalf.”

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