Legacy Directors Resign & Former Management Exits

  • Stockholders support investor campaign for change
  • Al Tobia and Clifford Press elected to Board

Patent Business
Engine Restarted

  • Cash verified & secured
  • Wasteful spending eliminated and reallocated to growth initiatives
  • Marc Booth rejoins CIPO

Board Reconstitution

  • Independent directors with investing, public company and oversight experience
  • Commencement of Absolute Return Capital Allocation Investment Strategy

Board Reconstitution

  • Newly reconstituted Board, with exemplary credentials and deep experience, reflects milestone achievement in improved corporate governance

Executive Leadership
Team Appointed

  • Clifford Press Named CEO ¬† Al Tobia Named CIO to advance Absolute Return Investment Strategy

Starboard Value
Strategic  Announced

  • Providing up to $400M in Capital for Strategic Investments and Acquisitions

Starboard Value Strategic
Alliance Completed

  • Shareholder Approval Received andStrategic Committee formed to review investment opportunities with StarboardValue